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Whatever your title’s been in the past, what’s important is you have experience designing thoughtful solutions for complex problems. You’re a team player who can work independently at any stage of a project. You can lead a discussion with clients and internal teams that push projects in the right direction.

You should have a solid background in graphic design, a portfolio to back it up, and knowledge of what it takes to actually ship a quality product. We all have interests and skills outside of product design, though—including illustration, engineering, public speaking, and writing. Ideally you do, too. Tell us about it!

We’re not machines. We work a 35-hour work week, with time left over to for internal projects or learning a new skill. You’ll only be on one project at a time, so you can hone in on the right problems and give them the attention and care they deserve.


When applying, add a short note about yourself and a link to a portfolio that showcases your digital experience. Help us learn who you are! We want to get to know you, how you work, and see the work you’re proud of.

Interview Process

During interviews, we want to hear about your work as a whole: what you did, the thinking and research that went into it, and what you learned at the end. Then, tell us where you want to go. What do you want learn next? How do you want to grow?

Here’s what we’re working on

Helios weather app and office dashboard
Wall projected internal dashboard
guestbook check in application for the iPad
iPad app for guests to check-in
Under Armour b2b application
Under Armour
A fully reimagined B2B UX

Clients we’ve worked with

Our locations

Providence, RI

With an award-winning restaurant scene, eclectic arts community, and it’s, uh, storied history, think of Providence as Boston and New York’s younger—cooler—sibling. Its affordable cost-of-living and manageable pace of life offer a welcome alternative to some of its larger neighbors.

Boulder, CO

Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder offers a city surrounded by nature. Spend the day outdoors, hiking, skiing, or biking, and be back to the city in time for dinner at one of our best-in-class restaurants.

Hey there.

We’re a small team by choice. We believe in quality over quantity: keeping things tight and close-knit means we’re all accountable, and ready to jump in when one of us need a hand. We’re looking for people who don’t just put in the hours—we want folks who support, teach, and learn from the designers around them.